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Nest 2.0 is here
Thermostats, thermostats, thermostats.
Why humidify?
Fireplace recall.


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Nest 2.0 is here

Thermostats, thermostats, thermostats.

With so many thermostats to choose from, which one is best for me?

In general thermostats come with four pre-programmed settings and maintains those settings within two degrees. Many qualified models also come with additional features, such as:
  • Digital displays
  • Touch pad screen programming
  • Voice and/or phone programming (my favourite)
  • Hold/Vacation features
  • Indicators which tell you when it’s time to change air filters
  • Indicators that signal malfunctioning of heating/cooling systems
  • Adaptive Recovery/ Smart Recovery features — control features that senses the amount of time it will take to reach the next set-point temperature, and reach desired temperatures by the set time.

Why humidify?

Humidify Your Home for Increased Winter Comfort

If it seems like your skin is dryer, you get zapped with static shocks more often, and you wake up frequently with a stuffy nose, you're not just imagining things—you're experiencing the effects of low humidity.

humidifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house. There are point-of-use humidifiers, which are commonly used to humidify a single room, and whole-house or furnace humidifiers, which connect to a home's 


November is Cold and Flu Awareness month.

Contact us today for specialized UV air purification systems or whole home HEPA's and remove up to 99.9% of air borne allergens. (there's that pesky.1% again)

Fireplace recall.

Fireplace FSDV32
Health Canada Warning: CFM Inc.(Majestic Brand) Fireplaces OwnersNotice: The Health Canada advisory was updated on October 15, 2012 to clarify the description of the products affected.Health Canada has issued a warning advising consumers to stop using certain propane and natural gas free-standing stoves manufactured by CFM Inc. (Majestic brand free-standing stoves) that were sold under the names “Insta-flame” or “Northern Flame.  The models impacted have the series “FSDV22”, “FSDV30” and “FSDV32” within the model number.

Why Maintenance Matters

Maintenance will make an incredible difference to the operation of your system. At minimum this should include changing filters. Ideally, a maintenance check-up should include basic tune-ups and testing for efficiency, carbon monoxide and cleaning. These should be performed by a qualified technician.
Maintenance also keeps warranties eligible, and reduces energy bills significantly.It can also prevent expensive repairs over time. 
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